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From a very early age I learned the importance of community and the value of helping other people. On family trips to Mexico, my parents used to bring down bikes for the local kids. My dad also was a trained mechanic and welder, so when he showed up in the local towns he happily helped with whatever work that needed to be done. Over the thousands and thousands of years that I have existed, I have been involved with numerous fundraising events and charities. One of my favorite events happens to take place in Costa Rica, appropriately named Robert August Surf & Turf.

Surf & Turf Logo

Like a lot of good ideas, Surf & Turf came about after a few beers one evening…

A few years after “The Endless Summer II”, Wingnut, Paul Strauch, Mark Martinson, several other surfers and I were in Costa Rica filming “Step Into Liquid”. During a short period of less-than-great waves we decided to have a fun surf competition for the local boys and girls.

With help from Tom Battaglia (we called “Century 21 Tom” because no one knew his last name) and his organizational skills we formed teams of two: one of us and one of the local kids. It was great fun! Everyone received surf products for prizes and since that first contest, it grew a little each year until we were able to help the orphanage in Santa Cruz and some local schools in Costa Rica.

CEPIA kids

Now here comes the great idea after a couple beers…we realized that if we added a golfing component we could attract the golf crowd and raise some serious money. With great help from the people at Hacienda Pinilla (the golf course), plus Don and Kristi at Lola’s Restaurant in Playa Avellanas, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, and Azul Profundo, the “two-man competition” has turned  into a big annual event that is a lot of fun, featuring a golf and surf contests, silent auctions, beachwear fashion show, and even a salsa contest.


Some twenty teams of four compete every year for good prizes and bragging rights. Not too many people are good at both sports, so getting together a four-person team is very interesting. I still surf OK, but I am a lousy golfer so I am an average team member.

The entry fee is $200 per person, but each player receives a “goody bag” that contains gifts worth more than the entry fee. Surf & Turf is well-supported by the major surf and golf companies who graciously donate some excellent gifts.

RA surfingMary Osborne

This year Surf & Turf is March 15th-18th. The event kicks offs on Friday evening with a welcome BBQ at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. Saturday is the golf outing at Hacienda Pinilla and beachwear fashion show by Azul Profundo. Sunday is an early start at Avellanas for the surf competition with lunch at Lola’s, concluded by a salsa contest during the awards ceremony that night. Monday we all sail away on a beautiful catamaran tour by Hibiscus Sailing.

Marlin del Rey

100% of the funds raised during the event are donated to CEPIA, a local non-profit that serves the underprivileged children in Costa Rica. CEPIA helps the children’s shelter, improves schools, organizes sports and educational activities for the local children, prevents teenagers participating in gangs and violence, and offers counseling to the children victims. Check the organization out on Facebook ‘CEPIA Costa Rica’.


So if you are sitting there reading this in the cold, dark days of winter, why not book a trip down to Costa Rica and join us for this great fundraising event? Or if you can’t make it down, why not help out a great organization and help sponsor our event? For more information, contact Laetitia at or Van at, or check out our Facebook event page.

Paul Frank sponsor

Pura Vida,


P.S. Now get off that device and go catch some waves…or book a trip down to Costa Rica for Surf & Turf!!

Note: Post adapted from article published in The Howler

AND special thanks to Chris Castillo for the great photos!

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  1. We are so happy to be a part of this year after year and hope this year is the best one ever! Lola’s in Playa Avellana is in its 15th year of operation, and we are so grateful for all the work Robert August and his team, CEPIA and all the other sponsors and supporters do in our area and the surrounding communities. It’s people like this that inspire us to do better and give more. THANK YOU! For anybody on the fence about coming down for this amazing event, stop thinking and sign up. You will be as happy as we are that you did.

  2. Hey I was one of those surfers organizing this after Step! Cmon neeeeow daddyo ! Love it and cant wait gets better every year!

  3. Cool pics of u and the kids ….whos that big kid on the left? I’ll try 2 make it down to mulligan town for ur tourney good luck with it

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